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It's almost 14 years since I officially started my SEO company. I can honestly say it's one of the best things I've ever attempted to do in life. It's also one of the most painful, stressful and frustrating things things which has occurred to me personally. So here is the brief list of what I have discovered as its first manager, CEO and adviser.

Constantly be Ready to Engage
Stories, case studies, experiences, consequences -- those are the stuffs of the future. There are tons of theories, tons of how-to heaps of revenue discussion in our day and age. Stories hold enormous weight in pinning down a potential customer to a purchase.
Exterior of a revenue perspective, story-telling in your circle of friends can make a huge impact in rippling out your company to other people. My very first enormous client (that's still my customer to date) came from a short chat while riding the train on my way for my afterward day task. We were not really close. I told him that I was into SEO and shared its worth and also what it did for my own site. He explained that he would consult with me.
Turns out that he did. I got to close the deal.
After that lesson, I never stopped evangelizing.

Yes I understand, you would like to get paid a month. While it could be true that what you know is worth every penny to everything you are charging, no cost consultations build trust. More often than not, it's let me get the entire organization.
Clients appreciate the small things. They also feel much more secure once you give them more information about what they are getting into and what they would like to understand about other features of online marketing. You are able to leverage on providing them what they need to know instead of informing them vague generalities about the business.
I have a customer now that signed up with us to their primary product's SEO here and signed up using the other SEO company to their newest product's SEO. They wanted to see who's the greater SEO services supplier. While I'm easily 60% more costly in my yearly retainer than the other search engine optimization business, I gave out free consultations to the owner.

"Call me anytime in case you want anything -- except for money." , I said. And he did. He telephoned up to wake up me often times (I sleep and wake up late while he is an early bird). However, it was all worth it.
The whole company is currently awarded to us and we're simply waiting for the purchase of the other (much more affordable) SEO firm to expire. I do not know whether they're doing a good job or not. What I do know is that I gave away free, anytime consultation -and it worked!
It's among my own trump cards on client acquisition.

Do not be Afraid to Jack up your Price
You need to understand that SEO especially here in the Philippines is still known as 'fresh' by most firms. The dominant (and successful) form of advertising here is still TV. That leaves us having an 'free market' and also a free market ensures that the price range is mad.
There are businesses offering SEO for as little as $300 per month. And yes, they claim that it's white hat -- together with all the linkbuilding tricks you can ever imagine. If I attempted to pull that stunt, I'd be out of business in one month's time.
When I read Seth Godin's Linchpin, I knew the significance of pricing. Louis Vuitton can afford to charge that much since they're all for quality and exclusivity. I would like to be a business like that. That is one reason why we provide client exclusivity for their niche/industry. And we also bill premium for it.
Companies can butt-heads on decreasing prices. It can be the weapon of choice to most SEO companies. The clients win and the SEO business loses.
My weapon of choice is raising the standard of our services and building a new. That way, pricing is both secondary and I'm very satisfied with the few really great customers I have.
Think like Louis Vuitton. Win.

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